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Dr. Shey Cunha, PhD

Licensed School Psychologist

Cost: $120 per session

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Online or In-person


I am Dr. Sheytophia Cunha. You can call me Dr. Shey.

There are thousands of reasons why helping children and their families are the best job in the world! Nothing beats the feeling of making a positive, lasting difference that betters one's life...and the world. As a developmental and educational expert, I view difficulties as a unique opportunity to improve ourselves. My goal is to help parents and their children learn to recognize these opportunities and find new ways to better manage challenges.


Before I became a school psychologist, I was an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teacher for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I developed first-hand expertise in effective teaching strategies, behavior techniques, and coping skills. Today, I teach graduate students pursuing a special education degree about these assessment methods and instructional differentiation with a variety of learners. These experiences complement my work as a school psychologist providing services in educational and clinical environments. I truly enjoy helping children with learning, emotional, and social needs strategize for success.

I am committed to helping learners of all ages reach their fullest potential in the classroom and in life. My therapeutic approach is informed by evidence-based literature supporting the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) with children and adolescents, through play and art are used when there are developmentally appropriate indications. My young clients partner with me in their therapeutic journey and are empowered for transforming their lives. I use their previous successes to inspire changes. 


Dr. Shey enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, reading, listening to music, and road trips.


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