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Michele Messina, MA, CAGS

Licensed School Psychologist

Cost: $140 per session

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Online or In-person

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My name is Michele Messina and I am a licensed school psychologist with over fifteen years of experience. I have worked in a variety of settings, including public schools, alternative education, and residential programs. I love helping people and have done so as a School Psychologist, Education Team Leader, and Supervisor of Student Services. I have also worked in family and youth mediation and substance abuse treatment. Although my clinical focus today is on children and adolescents I am also able to provide services to adults.

I am a  Certified Child & Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP-CA) and Certified Dialectical Behavior Therapy Professional (CDBT). These certifications have enhanced my skills in treating anxiety, emotional, and behavioral disorders by utilizing evidence-based paradigms. My therapeutic approach supports individuals in accessing internal and external resources that boost their confidence and foster adaptive thinking. An integral aspect of this approach is working with parents and guardians as needed to support positive results in their children. 

As a parent of a child with disabilities, I understand too well the challenges in navigating supports and ensuring independent functioning skills to suceed in life. Therefore, I offer consultation support to parents, guardians, and couples to improve communication and develop family routines that lead to success for all.

Michele is available to administer psycho-educational assessments of intelligence, academic achievement, cognitive processing, social development, emotional regulation, autism, adaptive functioning, school readiness, executive functioning, and attention/concentration. Her evaluations include valuable recommendations for both school and home. She provides a range of counseling services to address the needs of students and their families.