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Jeneice Goodwin, BS

Jeneice Goodwin, BS

Clinical Social Work Student Intern




Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Geriatrics


Telehealth, Riverview



Welcome to a world where warmth meets wisdom, where every challenge is met with compassionate understanding. Meet Jeneice, your beacon of hope. Jeneice's journey is one of resilience and profound empathy, shaped by her own experiences as a devoted wife, a nurturing mother to a vibrant son navigating ADHD and Autism, and a loving caretaker of two adorable canine companions. Her life is rich with experiences. Jeneice's passion is fueled by a significant challenge—becoming legally blind during pregnancy. This pivotal moment ignited her unwavering commitment to empower individuals, families, and communities, particularly those touched by disabilities.

Jeniece earned the prestigious Spectrum Bay News Nine Neighborhood Hero award in 2017 after her community work to empower people touched by disabilities. She continued her work to be a professional in mental health where she can advocate for inclusivity, foster compassion, and genuineness in our Bay Area community.

Jeneice offers a warm and caring space for those in need, specializing in counseling for pregnant women, mothers facing postpartum depression, and parents of children with disabilities. Her expertise extends to supporting families through adoption, foster care, and the intricate dynamics of parenting. With an understanding of substance use disorders (SUDs) and recovery, Jeneice stands as a source of strength and guidance for those also struggling with addiction. At the core of her work, Jeneice is guided by principles of integrity, respect, social justice, and equality. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help clients navigate life's stressors, grief, anxiety, and negative thought patterns, offering a collaborative, judgment-free space for growth and healing. Motivational Interviewing (MI) complements her clinical toolbox, empowering clients to find their own path to change.

Her academic foundation began with a bachelor's degree in social work from Saint Leo University. She  then pursued a master's in human services administration (MHSA), which paved the way for advancing her skills in clinical social work. She is in her last semester of her program. Jeneice invites you on a journey of transformation, a journey to rediscover your strength, embrace your potential, and achieve your desired outcomes. 


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