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Sharon Weiss, MA

Sharon Weiss, MA

​Clinical Social Work Student Intern




Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Geriatrics, Couples, Family


Tampa, Telehealth





I'm Sharon!


Supporting the whole person, revealing their strengths, and supporting their development and growth, is a passion, and career for over 30 years. From the board room to the playroom, I meet each individual where they are and collaboratively help to devise unique attainable goals.


I love art, music, movement, and animals and enjoy incorporating them as part of the healing journey. Counseling is my third career. As a certified paralegal, my first career path was in the legal profession working to defend individuals accused. My second was observing, assessing, training, and developing compassionate connected care models and teaching and guiding physicians and their staff to interact with patients, caregivers, and loved ones to improve the patient experience and clinical outcomes. I graduated from the University of Texas, Austin with a bachelor's in psychology and marketing, and then completed my paralegal certificate through Southwestern Paralegal Institute. I returned to school at the University of Houston, while working at a nationally ranked cancer center, to earn my Master of Industrial Organizational Psychology and worked with healthcare systems across the United States as a professional coach, counselor, educator, and trainer. I am currently completing my Master of Social Work at Saint Leo University. Appreciating, embracing, and empowering our uniqueness and finding joy in our daily lives is important and I look forward to supporting you and your loved ones on this journey.


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