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Meet Our Animal Friends

Many of our clients benefit from visiting with our animal friends at the office. While our animals don't work with us everyday, they visit often and are a great hit with children and adults alike! Dr. Lake & Associates offers a unique service that combines the healing power of animals with evidence-based therapeutic techniques. Our experienced professionals work with animals to help clients build trust, gain insight, and develop healthy coping skills.

Many of our neurodivergent clients enjoy our animal friends and the benefits of having a pet in therapy extend to those struggling in relationships, feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, feeling emotional dysregulation, and who are attempting to overcome trauma. Our approach is designed to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Please note, our animals are not certified, in fact some of them are quite untrained. However, we learn together in a space that is safe and without judgement. We have rules for engaging in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). Ask your counselor about our animal friends' next visit!

Brooke with her Beard Dragon, Crush

Chicks are frequent guests at the practice

Bunny & aspiring animal rescuer in training!

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