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Christian Counseling

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If you are looking for a safe space to bring God into your counseling sessions then Christian counseling is for you. We at Dr. Lake & Associates aim to not only meet the mental health needs of our clients but the spiritual needs too. Mental health & spirituality go hand in hand. Meet with a Christian counselor today.


What is Christian counseling? Christian counseling takes place when a client is partnered with a Christian mental health counseling professional that integrates Christian values and beliefs in the counseling sessions to support clients in fulfilling their God-given purpose.  


Who is Christian counseling for? Christian counseling is for anyone who desires to incorporate their Christian values and beliefs into the counseling process. Christian counseling is beneficial to anyone who would like to incorporate Biblical beliefs into their counseling experience. 


How is Christian counseling different from traditional counseling? Christian counseling uses evidence-based therapeutic approaches just like traditional counseling. However, Christian counseling integrates biblical perspectives and values in addressing the multi-dimensions of mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual health.  This counseling approach aims at growing clients closer to an intimate relationship with God through their healing process.

Let’s Work Together

Brooke Childs-Brammer, MS, Christian Counseling

Brooke Brammer, MS
Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern


Amanda Brennan, MS
Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern


Angela Arias, BS
 Mental Health Counseling Student Intern

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Alexandra Gola, BA
 Mental Health Counseling Student Intern


Jendayi Caines,  BA
 Mental Health Counseling Student Intern

Jeneice Goodwin, BA
Clinical Social Work Student Intern

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