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Services for Gifted and Talented Youth

Dr. Lake's special interest in gifted and talented education grew out of her work with gifted children and adolescents at Johns Hopkins University - Center for Talented Youth. The diverse needs that gifted students displayed inspired her dissertation topic on school psychologists' work with gifted and talented youth. 

Although not all gifted individuals are the same, a number of common attributes have been associated with individuals who are gifted.  Many are characterized by advanced cognitive development; however, social and emotional growth is not always as advanced. Dr. Lake's expertise with this population and familiarity with gifted characteristics ensures proper identification of gifted and twice-exceptional learners. With every assessment, families are given a number of resources available within their own community and guidance on follow-up steps (e.g., obtaining academic services for gifted learners).

Gifted youth are unique in their strengths and are often overlooked for mental health intervention such as counseling, as it is assumed their intellectual capacities can help them solve any problem. Dr. Lake is able to provide assessment and intervention services for students suspected or identified as gifted in order to:

  • Address academic needs: differentiated instruction, enrichment, and acceleration  

  • Social & emotional needs: counseling through CBT and support for families.

A basic gifted evaluation costs $350 and consists of a basic cognitive measure (IQ), a written report, recommendations, and feedback.

A comprehensive gifted evaluation costs $550 and consists of a comprehensive cognitive measure (IQ), written report, recommendations, and a feedback session. 

Rates for a 2e evaluation vary depending on the assessment needs and suspected area of disability. Please call or email for a quote.

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