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Our Culture

Mission: to provide our local neighborhoods with high-quality mental health and psychological services to better the lives of our community members. We believe in collaborating and giving back to our communities.


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Evidence-Based Practices

No matter the concern, our goal is to bring our clients services and approaches that have been shown helpful to improve lives.

Accepting & Affirming

Our approach is to be accepting and affirming of differences. We feel best when we can be true to our nature.

Love Yourself
Colleagues Working Together


Our clinicians are highly qualified and dedicated to our clients. Each clinician offers a low number of session slots each week so that we can truly customize services and engage in ongoing professional development through mentorship, supervision, consultation, and self-guided learning. 

Trusting & Caring Relationships

Trusting and caring relationships are our priority. We work to establish an environment that is and feels safe, for each of our clients.

Trusting Others
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We are committed to those we serve and on a larger scale to our community. We do our best to provide accessible services, be transparent, and abide by our own code of ethics. 

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