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Our campers will experience all the fun from a camp while growing their emotional intelligence (EQ). This summer camps' theme is AMAZING and it involves a social and emotional learning (SEL) approach and lots of fun activities. Learn about feelings, managing conflict and choosing good friends. Not sure what to do with a bully? We will teach you. Wanna feel more control of yourself, you've got this! Our summer camps are designed to empower campers with skills and the confidence to solve their own problems and know when to ask for help.

What does a typical day at camp look like?

(subject to change)

9:00-9:15am     Journal/Mindfulness

9:15-10:00am    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

10:00-10:30am  Outdoor Activities: water fun, games, etc.

10:30-10:45am  Snack

10:45-11:30am   Rotations: Move through different activities

11:30-11:45am    Circles: Campers share experiences tied to SEL

11:45-12:00pm   Journal/Mindfulness 

*Camps are not therapy or a replacement for therapeutic services. 

$275 Early Bird registration by April 15th

Regular: $295 per week

Discounts Available

multiple  camps sign up


military & first responders


We ask that you send your campers with the following:

  • Water bottle

  • Towel

  • Sunscreen & Bug Spray

  • Journal & Pen: given 1st day    


Wear comfortable clothes that are weather appropriate. 

Hats are recommended but not required.

We have water day Tuesdays and Thursdays! Please pack a bathing suit, change of clothes, and extra towel this day!

910 Bryan Road

Brandon, FL

our camps will take place at the Brandon Christian Church

June 5-9th * * * * * AMAZING ME!

Day 1: So Many Feelings

Day 2: My Triggers 

Day 3: Feelings in my Body

Day 4: Getting Calm & Relaxed

Day 5: Talking to Myself, Why? & Getting Help

The theme of this camp involves learning about ourselves. Campers will explore the abstract experience of a feeling and how it begins. We will dedicate time to engage in noticing body cues. While we don't have control over our feelings, we do have control of our behaviors. We will teach ways to stay calm, notice our surroundings, and pay attention to our thoughts. Talking through issues is good and so is seeking help!!  Come learn with us, make friends, and have fun!


June 12-16th * * * * * AMAZING FRIENDS

Day 1: Friendship is Important

Day 2: Friendship Match

Day 3: Yes, No, Do & Don’t

Day 4: Ways to Be Friends 

Day 5: Solving Problems & Action Steps

A camp themed around relationships: what are healthy and unhealthy ways to be a friend? Together, campers will explore common elements in friendships and why we need friends. Some friends don't act friendly sometimes and sometimes we find ourselves dealing with bullies. We will learn some basic rules and ways to solve relationship problems. Come learn with us, make friends, and have fun!


July 10-14th * * * * * AMAZING SOLUTIONS

Day 1: Conflict is Normal

Day 2: Conflict Escalator

Day 3: Calming Down First

Day 4: Talk it Out- I “feel” statements

Day 5: Apologizes & Moving On & It’s Your Choice

They say "when life throws you lemons, make lemonade!" We could not agree more. Expect conflict and disagreements to come up. This is not "bad," it is normal. Notice your thoughts and feelings. Pull out your toolbox and apply effective ways to share your perspective. Know when to apologize and move on.  You have so much power to make a positive difference. Come learn with us, make friends, and have fun!

Watercolor Plants


Our camps require a minimum of 8 children enrolled for camp to take place. We reserve the right to combine or cancel camps that have not met the minimum enrollment or if a venue becomes unavailable. We will combine camp groups whenever possible and appropriate. We will provide you a week’s notice (7 calendar days) should a camp you registered for need to be canceled. 


We understand that life happens and plans change! However we also have to plan accordingly for space and staffing our camps. Here’s our refund policy: 

80% refund: 15 days or more before first day of camp

50% refund: 14 to 1 days before first day of camp

0% refund: on or after first day of camp, including if you need to withdrawal your camper during the week of camp


Please note: at this time we do not charge for change of dates, rescheduling, etc. 

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