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Gender Affirming Surgery Letter

the process

As an LBGTQ affirming therapist, Jo-Anne follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care. Insurance companies and surgeons also follow the WPATH guidelines when setting their requirements for letters for Transgender and non-binary people to receive gender-affirming surgeriesWPATH Standards of Care require a mental health screening completed by a mental health professional to ensure that you are psychologically and reasonably prepared for surgery. Jo-Anne uses the Informed Consent Model for Transgender Health (ICATH) to assess whether someone is competent to make decisions about their healthcare and to ensure they have a good understanding of the risks and benefits of surgery, meeting the required criteria for this processDuring the assessment, Jo-Anne collects personal and treatment history, discusses gender dysmorphia, and helps you plan for the emotional and psychological aspects of surgery. The process requires:

  • Informed Consent 

  • Personal and Treatment History 

  • Mental Health Screening 

  • Diagnosis of Body Dysmorphia

  • Competency to make decisions regarding healthcare

Gender Affirming Surgery Letters are available to individuals 18 years old and up. Contact our office for an appointment.

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