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Dr. Lake provides supervision to those in the psychology, school psychology, family and marriage, and mental health counseling fields. She is a Qualified Supervisor in the state of FL. With over 15 years of experience teaching graduate and undergraduate students, she has a wealth of knowledge of best practices in assessment and in therapeutic interventions. Dr. Lake has supervised practicum, intern, and postgraduate learners. Consultation services are available to all mental health professionals.
Supervision and consultation services are flexible and tailored to your specific needs. Quality supervision is available whether you are acquiring supervised hours for licensure or expanding your scope of practice. In addition to discussing cases and contemporary issues related to the practice of psychology, Dr. Lake assists you in developing the knowledge base, skills, and confidence to develop a successful private practice if this is desired as part of your plan. Contact Dr. Lake for more information and to obtain a sample outline of session topics and activities. Group and individual supervision are available, as well as the opportunity to practice within Dr. Lake's practice.


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