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Jo-Anne Ballard, LCSW, QS

Jo-Anne Ballard, LCSW, QS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Qualified Supervisor

Therapy Team Leader



Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Geriatrics, Couples, Family


Telehealth, Riverview



Hi! My name is Jo-Anne! 


I am a neurodivergent, LGBQ+ affirming, and trauma expert, here to help people live a happier and healthier life. I have much experience working with children and adolescents but I also provide services to adults struggling with various aspects of their lives. My goal is to help each person I work with realize the resources within themselves to make positive changes in their lives. I pride myself on building a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients by providing an environment of compassion and support.

Over the years, I have become inspired by neurodivergent individuals and have chosen to specialize in services for Autistic individuals.  I employ a neurodiversity-affirmative approach that focuses on individual strengths and unique abilities The Autistic neurotype has numerous strengths, all of which will vary from person to person. This therapeutic approach helps individuals to tap into and recognize their positive attributes and work towards meeting personal goals. 

​ I also work with members of the LGBTQ+ community who struggle with mental health and interpersonal challenges. I understand that access to affirming care can be a challenge for individuals in the LGBTQ community. I am committed to providing a safe therapeutic environment for those who identify as LGBTQ+.  I provide screenings and Gender Affirming Surgery letters that follow the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care and use the Informed Consent Model for Transgender Health (ICATH). 

My treatment approach focuses on providing understanding, perspective, and strategies to improve lives. I use an integrated approach tailored to the unique needs of each client using mindfulness, Cognitive Behavior Therapies, social skills training, and Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral therapy (TF-CBT). These evidence-based treatments help improve emotional flexibility. I am actively engaged with clients through the therapeutic process, monitoring their progress regularly, and engaging the family as needed. 


I have a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Healthcare from the University of South Florida (USF). 


Jo-Anne enjoys kayaking, yoga, meditation, and spending time with her family

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