Career Assessment & Counseling 

Whether you’re looking for a calling or a job, the career path that will bring you happiness can be unclear. There is so much to consider when exploring options, including your own skills sets, values, strengths, educational level, income and interests. Discovering a career or a calling that gives your life meaning however, can be extremely rewarding and improve your overall well-being. Career counseling can help you choose a career that you will excel at and be happy with.


Dr. Lake offers assessment and counseling services tailored to your needs to help explore potential vocational options. Services are also available for individuals with developmental disabilities. Counseling focuses on exploring

  • Work options that interest the individual

  • Physical and emotional demands that may limit job performance

  • Opportunities currently available, including “moving up”

  • Developing and showing skills beyond your role

  • Building credibility and increasing visibility

  • Navigating organizational cultures and “politics”

  • Job search process (e.g., building connections, interviewing, negotiating)

  • Evaluating personal match with potential careers and organizations

Career assessment & counseling services are available in office and/or online.


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